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So much of who you are is where you have been

My first taste of learning languages was at the age of 10 when I learned French, then I went on to learn German at the age of 13. Both languages afforded me opportunities to live and work in Belgium before going to university to perfect my language ability. Whilst at university I did an Erasmus year in Switzerland and spent summers in both Germany and France in my early 20’s. Jobs in languages were plentiful, especially using my German skills. 

Travelling and exploring the world with my 4 languages in my backpack allowed me to truly know a country and build friendships with people along the way. Each one of them, whether they were French, German and now Spanish speaking allowed me learn about their culture and way of life.

I am now living in Spain learning Spanish and whilst I might have a gift of learning languages, it is never too late to learn a new languages and actually the older you are, the easier it is to learn as you can spot patterns and understand how a language works.


1 thought on “So much of who you are is where you have been

  1. 4 languages is so amazing Ella, there was once a women I knew of when working for American Express in the UK, she spoke a whopping 8 languages! I thought if I could speak half the amount I would be winning! You really remind me of her Ella, I am so proud of your journey and how you have come so far, very inspiring 😊


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